When Joshua Warren name first appeared on a record, he was 16. That album was “Closer.”  With songs like, “In God’s Time” and “Through Your Worship” rocketing Christian Charts, it was clear at an early age that Joshua was born to make music. With his unique edge yet discipline approach to his sound and songwriting, he opened a whole new element to Christian music, combining urban, Hip-hop, pop, and R&B with a Christian twist is what set Joshua apart from any other.

With his next project, “Just a Simple Touch,” Joshua let the world into his private yet extremely close relationship with God. Releasing songs like, “Increase, Reflection, and Possible” which were all songs developed out of Joshua’s one-on-one worship time with God.  With this album, Joshua taught the world that with God all things are possible if you just believe, and that God is ever wanting to increase us in His anointing if we just ask for more.

Although Joshua became a commercial success, He disappeared from music leaving his fans wondering where he was and if he would release anything else ever again.  Through the next 9 years Joshua would come to face trails that would cause him to draw even closer to God. These trails caused Joshua to dig deeper into the Word of God, gain more understanding of the scriptures, and gave him a more intense revelation of God’s love.

Now, after a 9-year hiatus, the wait is over. He is BACK! Joshua Warren is back with a new sound, a new look, and a refreshed spirit, ready to pour out all that God has pour into him. With his hot new single, “It’s in Your Hands,” Joshua declares that he has cried his last tear and is now standing on FAITH and FAITH alone.
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